Shutters are more than just a window covering. They are a lifestyle choice, designed to function around your needs, providing a stunning yet functional solution to practically any window. Made-to-measure shutters can be fitted where other window furnishings fail and are available in a full array of stock colours from painted white shutters to natural stained shutters.

Thermally dynamic, shutters provide a barrier against the cold in winter and the summer heat. All our shutters are manufactured to the highest quality – be it the six coats of paint or stain we use with uv inhibitors or the engineered stiles to prevent twisting and warping – to provide a 3 year warranty.

Operating a tilt rod or just moving a shutter louvre (Silent Tilt option) you can control the dynamics of each shutter panel to suit the light conditions outside.  A remote control option is also available as an upgrade, enabling multiple shutter panels to be adjusted in one easy action. Remote controlled shutters are perfect for difficult to reach windows, or large window spans.

We all are entitled to our own privacy, especially in our own home. The beauty of shutters is their ability to provide total or partial privacy. It’s up to you. We can discuss with you the options suitable for your insulation and your criteria. However, a popular option is to split shutter panels up using a horizontal shutter privacy bar (mid-rail). This effectively splits the control options of your shutter panels creating two sets of louvres that can be operated individually. Privacy Bars are perfect for street facing or on-street windows where you may experience a higher pedestrian footfall. Eye-level shutter panel louvres can be closed to prevent nosey neighbours whilst the upper shutter panel louvres can be left open, to maximise the natural light levels into your room.

Insulating and thermally dynamic timber shutters are the most effective option of the entire traditional window furnishing solutions, reducing heat loss by 51%. This is an astonishing figure and indicates why in times when efficiency is the future, many households are now choosing shutters instead of curtains.

Stylehouse shutters are manufactured to the highest quality standards by the World’s largest shutter manufacturing facility. Our shutters are engineered to last and finished to perfection and this is why we offer a 3 Year Guarantee on all our shutter panels. They do, offer a much longer life solution, and as we pass our 10th anniversary we know that there are customers with installations 10 years plus in age and are still extremely happy with their functionality and aesthetics.

Easy to clean and easy to maintain, Stylehouse Shutters offer the best of both worlds. Unlike curtains they do not need to be machine washed and because of their high quality finish and durable louvres they are easy to clean and dust. Simply follow our simple maintenance instructions to ensure your shutters are always looking fantastic.


Stylehouse window plantation shutters carry a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.  Our shutters are manufactured by the world leader in shutter production. Utilising a combination of state of the art manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches.  The woods utilised in our hardwood shutters for example, are stored for 6 months to allow the wood to settle before being kiln dried in computer controlled conditions to reduce the risk of warping and twisting.