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Full height plantation shutters are excellent for blocking out unwanted light because of their simple panel configuration and provide outstanding privacy making them ideal for homes next to busy pavements and roads or that are overlooked by surrounding buildings or areas. Full height plantation shutters are also great for blocking out unwanted outside noise from motor vehicles and planes because the shutter panels and frames cover the whole height of the window and therefore help provide a barrier against outside noise.

Full height plantation shutters can be ordered in all of our shutter range from our entry level MDF Antigua shutters to our range topping white teak Sumatra shutters plus our 100% waterproof Java range.



Cafe style window shutters are half the height of full height shutters and are excellent for providing privacy to street level and street facing windows. Sitting in the bottom half of the window, Cafe style window shutters allow light in the top half of the window to provide a unique level of light and privacy in the room.

Perhaps one of the main reasons people choose our Cafe style window shutters over other plantation shutter designs, is the form and class that this genre of shutter offers in an abundance. They look simply stunning in cottages and Victorian houses and are the perfect match for this design of home.

Our Cafe style window shutters are available to order in a wide range of colours and stains, depending on the material range selected, allowing you to match your shutters to your window frames. Our Cafe style window shutters  can also be custom colour matched to the UK’s leading paint companies to provide you with an unrivalled array of colour options to match your style and home, perfectly. Cafe style window shutters are also ideal for 1st floor bedrooms that are perhaps not overlooked from above and therefore full privacy is not required. But by having privacy in the lower half of the window, the open top half can let welcomed light into the room.


Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters offer style, versatility and practicality in abundance. Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters offer the same practicalities as Café Style window shutters, but with a second tier of shutters situated on the top half of the frame. Both the top and bottom shutter panels can fold away or be kept in situ to provide

Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters are possibly the most flexible style that we offer, functioning in the same manner as full height plantation shutters, except where we would normally place a mid-rail, the panel is in fact split into two separate operating sections. This allows the top half to be folded right out of the way, so that you can maximise the light ingress, whilst maintaining privacy through the lower panels.

Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters are particularly well suited to angled Victorian bay windows because of their versatility and application. Although one frame can be used to mount all the shutters for bay windows, tier-on-tier provides a great option to effectively treat each window in the bay as a separate shutter and panel. This gives a desired look and finish while allowing good use of the middle window and shutter if required.



Bay window shutters this quintessential British feature of a home has always been a problem for traditional window furnishings such as curtains, but with bay window shutters, or bay window shutter blinds as they are also known as, you can finally show off your architectural features, rather than hide them, and benefit from the many unique qualities, including outstanding light and privacy control options, that only bay window shutters can offer.

Architects use bay windows to enhance the appearance of a room and provide it with more character.  Bay windows provide a larger physical living space within a room and are more light efficient. This is why bay window shutters are quickly becoming the most popular window furnishing for bay window installations across the UK. Bay window shutters blend into the bay window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics that the architect had intended.

Bay window shutters are also more thermodynamically efficient. Bay windows, by their nature, have a larger run of windowpanes, potentially letting more heat out.

Bay window shutters also help provide a cooler living area during the summer months by blocking out the direct sun whilst allowing airflow through the operable louvres.

The made-to-measure nature of our bay window shutters means that all styles of bay windows can be catered for with our shutters, including Splay BaysAngled Bays and Square Bay Window Shutters. All our shutters are installed in matching frames that are specifically designed to suit the unique angles of each bay installation.


Conservatory shutters can be crafted to fit just about any conservatory no matter the size, shape or complexity. Our elegant conservatory shutters not only look highly stylish, but they offer a highly practical window covering for your conservatory too and comes in a wide range of styles and options to suit your every need and requirement.

Extending your home with a beautiful conservatory is a quintessential British delight, but with so many different styles, shapes and custom size conservatories out there, finding a window furnishing as unique as your conservatory, is not always easy. Stylehouse conservatory shutters can be designed for your conservatory wall windows and doors but also your roof to provide a total shutter solution for your conservatory. They can be supplied with roof catches which allow the shutter to be locked into place without the risk of falling open when situated in sloped or horizontal positions. This, along with other options you choose, can provide quick and easy access to the glass to allow for cleaning.

Stylehouse conservatory shutters can come in a wide range of colour and stain options to match your individual taste and requirements. We can also offer a remote control option allowing you to open and close any hard to reach shutter louvres at the touch of a button. Why not go online and pre-programme your shutters to open and close at your preferred times of the day.


We offer a wide range of made-to-measure Track Shutters solutions ideal for large windows and expanses including Bi-Fold windows and doors, wardrobes, swimming pools, room dividers and many more applications that more traditional window coverings would struggle to fit, suit or offer the same amount of light control and privacy options an  Stylehouse Track Shutters can offer.

Stylehouse track shutters are available in 2 main track systems, Bi-Fold and By-Pass, to provide an enormous amount of options, configurations and flexibility. Bi-Fold Shutters simply concertina together as you draw the panels along the tracks. Your surveyor will work with you to ensure the panel widths do not impede into the room, however the amount they impede will be down to the panel width chosen and the design you are after. Our By-Pass Shutters also operate on a track, generally situated to the top of the frame and on the bottom a small unobtrusive nylon guide is placed to keep both panels in line, enabling a perfect shutter panel slide.

When a window span exceeds the maximum shutter panel width that we can manufacture to, we then have to look at a different way of getting the look and feel you want within our specifications limits.

Our Bi-Fold Shutters utilise hinges to fix multiple shutter panels together. These look fantastic when in situ and should you wish to open your shutters, to access your window or patio door, each panel group will concertina together to the left and/ or right. The width of each panel, when folded back, will protrude into your room and this is something that you and your surveyor will consider prior to installation. We also offer Free-floating version of this style of Track Shutters.

These provide the same effect but you are not restricted as to where your shutters can fold into position along the track, as the end panels are not hinged to the side of the frame. Bi-Pass shutters offer the same appeal as their Bi-Fold counterparts but instead of folding in a concertina fashion they actually are not hinged together but simply glide in front or behind each other, providing the required access. These are great for partitions in rooms and also for wardrobes.



Our made-to-measure special shape window shutters offer the perfect compliment to a wide range of shaped windows and doors including arches, port holes, circles, half circles, triangles, octagons, ovals, ellipses and many more shapes including shutters for Gable Ends. By opening up these beautiful features of your home with special shape window shutters, you immediately get control of your surroundings as well as an increased living area.

When architects design specific features in a building, they do not necessarily think about window furnishings and therefore you may find yourself very limited in choice when it comes to covering the windows or doors with more traditional window coverings. Luckily, Stylehouse Shutters can provide wide range of bespoke shutter solutions to fit just about any window, door or room divider no matter the size, shape, or complexity.



Our premium range of made-to-measure skylight shutters are also available to order for the most popular skylight windows including Velux and Fakro. Skylight shutters have become increasingly popular due to their ease of installation, practicality, aesthetic appeal and outstanding privacy option they offer.

Our Skylight Shutters are specially designed so that the shutter panel fits directly to the skylight window. This ensures that the operation of the skylight window is not impaired in anyway – should the window need to be opened for ventilation the shutter simply moves with the window. Cleaning is also not an issue – simply unclip the shutter from the window and clean your window as you would. For those out of reach places, a rod can be supplied that allows you to reach the skylight shutters and open the operable louvres as and when required.

Our Skylight Shutters can be ordered with an additional remote control upgrade. This requires no hard wiring – an out-of-sight battery pack is simply mounted to the back of the shutter and can be easily taken out to change batteries – which saves on expensive electrical installation costs.

The Skylight shutters are controlled via a remote control handset that can allow several banks of shutters to be controlled via group or individual settings and includes the option to put the skylight shutters on timer settings to allow you to select the louvre position required at any given time of day.