For an entry-level introduction to the joys of shutters look no further than our Antigua range, offering the most popular styles, configurations and colour options available. Simple White Shutter installations are particularly suited to our Antigua ranges and will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Square and rectangle windows are our most popular window shapes for Antigua because of its limited ability to fit special shapes like curves, however linear shapes such as triangles are possible and can provide a cost efficient shutter solution for an otherwise hard to cover area. For a wider range of special shape window shutters, please see our Fiji range of shutters which have far greater capabilities for large special shapes due to their unique weight and strength qualities.

Antigua shutters come with a decretive bead running down the length of the stile to provide a quality finish to your shutters.

5 painted colours
Stained finishes are unavailable in this material
47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm Louvres

Bermuda is a painted MDF which provides the shutter with a more natural finish than the standard Antigua product and more closely resembles the finish of a hardwood shutter. Bermuda shutters are coated with a polypropylene sleeve which is very hardwearing and protects the shutters from changes in ambient temperatures. This eliminates the risk of insitu moisture changes, warping and twisting.

Choosing the right colour plantation shutters to suit your home décor is important and our Bermuda shutters are available in 28 contemporary colours and 9 optional hinge colours to provide customers with an excellent array of options to choose from in order to match customer’s individual style and taste.

28 contemporary painted colours
Stained finishes are unavailable in this material
47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm louvres

Cuba shutters are available in 6 popular colours and a wide range of louvre sizes, but the biggest benefit over our Antigua shutters and Bermuda shutters is the fact you can hinge 4 panels together to provide a shutter solution ideal for large windows and expanses with the hardwood panels keeping the weight of shutters down to help prevent bowing and warping.

Our Cuba shutters can also be remote controlled to open and close the louvres (not full panels) at the touch of a button. You can even go online and pre-set them to open and close at your preferred times of the day and season of the year, allowing your shutters to open when it starts to get light in the morning and close when it starts to get dark at night.

Manufactured using finger jointed hardwood panels with Cuba frames, S:CRAFT’s Cuba range is our customers favourite entry-level hardwood shutter.

5 Painted colours
Stained finishes are unavailable in this material
47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm

Manufactured from ABS Encapsulated plastic, our Java shutters are 100% waterproof and perfect for humid installations, such as bathrooms and inside pool areas. S:CRAFT’s ABS coating is the same hard outer coating used to protect American football helmets. This makes Java perfect for high use areas and especially for children’s’ playrooms and nurseries.

6 Painted colours
Stained finishes are unavailable in this material
47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm Louvres

Fiji is our beautiful and stable timber manufactured range utilising the same high quality standards as all of our substrates. The painted range is manufactured from high quality hardwoods while the stained range is manufactured in paulownia which has a beautiful wood grain. Paulownia is a plantation wood and grows to full maturity in 7-10 years making it very sustainable. It re-grows from the original root ball and is therefore harvested rather than re-planted.

The latest introduction to our S:CRAFT range of shutters Fiji offers a durable and aesthetically beautiful hardwood solution and is our entry-level pure hardwood material. Fiji offers

28 Painted colours and custom colour option available
19 Stained finishes
47mm, 64mm, 76mm and 89mm Louvres

Sumatra shutters are made of White Teak – one of the world’s finest quality timbers. The wood comes from sustainable forests on the Solomon Islands which nurture several protected species of hardwood trees. The plantation has held certification since 1998 and provides full accountability and traceability of this premium timber.

Equally attractive in both stain and painted finishes Sumatra is certainly the connoisseur’s choice. From our premium product range, Sumatra is possibly our most versatile material offering a vast array of colour options (including custom colour) and installation styles including special shapes, bay windows and tracked systems

28 Painted colours and custom colour option available
20 Stained finishes
32mm, 47mm, 60mm flat, 64mm, 76mm, 84mm flat, 89mm and 114mm Louvres